1.3 Billion Smartphones in 2014

Tempo Wireless


In a time when it is crystal clear that our wireless devices are a permanent & growing part of our lives, that fact is further reinforced by these smartphone statistics for 2014 sales.

Previously, there was the proliferation of cell phones in general, across the country & around the world. That grew in a very short time to the point where there were more cell phones than there were people in the country.  Now we are in the midsts of wrapping up the transition from “dumb phones” to smartphones all around the world.  The early adopters of tech have already started the next phase of this wireless growth phenomena by adopting the use of wearables & smart home devices.  Within the next couple months Apple will start shipping it’s highly anticipated Watch, which will kick this next phase of smart wearables into full gear as they push this evolution of the smart device mainstream.


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