How To Save Money On Wireless Bills

How Much Are You Paying For Wireless?

"If you are paying more than $0 on your wireless bill, you're paying too much!"

In any economy, it is important to save money where ever you can. However, in an economy like the one we’re in now, it is imperative that you save money where ever & when ever you can.  With that in mind, we are going to share some things with you that amazingly, not many people know.

One of the things that we all spend money on each & every month is our cell phones.  These little techno jewels have become closer to us than the relationships we have with some family members.  Whereas cell phones used to be a play toy, power tool and status symbol for the elite & wealthy, they have now become necessities for most every human that you come in contact with, including yourself.  Our cell phones & wireless devices are something most all of us pay for each month without fail. We habitually use them & we pay for them seemingly unconsciously, so that would be a great place to start to save some major cash.

If you are with one of the big three carriers here in the U.S., and you are on an unlimited everything plan, you are more than likely paying anywhere from $100 to $130 or more per cell phone in your household.  If you have multiple phones on that plan, you could easily be paying several hundreds of dollars per month on your wireless bills.  If asked, most people in that situation would say that the only way to save money would be either to consolidate to a family plan, or lose features by cutting some of the services or talk time.  But if you’ve ever done either one of those or know someone that has, you know that usually leads to the dreaded Overage Charges, which could make you end up paying even more than you were paying before. That’s not what you want. But rest assured, there is another option available that most people that are with one of the big three carriers don’t realize is available for them.

Did you know that you can have the same quality of service(sometimes better), all the same features and Unlimited Everything for about half the price of what it would cost with those other wireless companies?  You can do this by simply changing your service to another wireless company that allows you to pay your bill at the beginning of the month, instead of at the end of the month like you are accustomed to.  Most people don’t realize that making such a simple change can shave potentially thousands of dollars a year off their wireless bills & save them a great deal of money.

There is a particular wireless company that actually specializes in helping it’s customers Save Money. With this company, and Unlimited Everything plan would only cost you $59 a month.  That’s Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text & Unlimited Data, all on a Nationwide 3G/4G network that has been rated as one of the best in the industry, all for only $59 a month. Even after all taxes & fees are added on, it only comes out to about $64. That’s an amazing & welcomed change from the $100 to $130 plus, that the you’re charged by one of the previously mentioned wireless companies.

So what is the name of this company you ask?  Well, I’d love to be able to tell you, but unfortunately I’m out of time. Check back  with us next month and we’ll be happy to let you know.(wtf…is he serious!?)

Hey…Simmer Down! I’m just messing with you, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.  Just wanted to make sure you were awake…I’ve seen people sleep read before…uhh huhh, u know what I’m talking about.

So, the wireless company that is providing this Unlimited Everything service for only $59 a month is called Lightyear Wireless. They not only will give you the Unlimited Everything service for that amazing price, but they also throw in your first month of service for FREE when you port your number! (like a boss!)

Oh, and if you are not an Unlimited Everything kind of person(yet), then Lightyear Wireless also has plans as low as $20 a month, as well as several in between to choose from.  So if you want to Save Money from your wireless bill you’ve been getting from one of the big three carriers, there is now an option for you do so, and more importantly, you now know about it.  You can go to to find out more about the Lightyear Wireless plans & phones. If you are into international calling, you won’t believe the international rates these guys give, they are Amazing…like 1000 minutes to a bunch of countries for only $9.99 & you can call directly from your cell phone so no need for LD cards & all that.

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