How To Start A Nationwide Wireless Business For Less Than $300

How Much Are You Paying For Wireless?

"If you are paying more than $0 on your wireless bill, you're paying too much!"

At first glance of the title of this article you might think that I’ve lost my grasp of reality.  But I assure you, I have not…well, unless you count…uhh, nevermind…the point is, that as amazing as that sounds, I’m gonna prove to you it can be done and I’m gonna show you how you can do it.

First off, you might be wondering why anyone would want to start a nationwide wireless business anyway. Seriously!? Why would you be wondering that, it’s obviously because of the Massive Opportunity that is the Wireless Industry right now! Do you know anyone that doesn’t have a cell phone?  You’d be hard pressed to find one…ok, technically, you could probably find about eight million or so…but here’s the kicker, that’s out of about Three Hundred Million people. Three hundred million being roughly the U.S. population, and out of those there are about two hundred & ninety two million cell phone users.  There’s more than Four Billion world wide, that more than half of the population of the entire planet! And it’s continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate.  To date, cell phones are the fastest adopted technology that we’ve ever experienced.

So anyway, it’s obviously a huge market for wireless. But how can you get a piece?  Well, If you have a few Billion dollars I know a guy that can get you set up and you can get started having your very own network built from the ground up.  If that’s a little out of your budget, you can spend about $80,000 or so to start up a wireless store franchise of one of the big four carriers. You’ll  have to carry inventory, pay thousands of dollars in building overhead each month, deal with customers, employees, returns, tech issues, disgruntled  people and you’ll only be able to gather customers from your local area. Doesn’t that sound like fun? No? Well, it didn’t sound fun to me either, that’s why I didn’t go either of those routes…yea  yea  yea…and I didn’t have a few Billion dollars laying around either…hey, Simmer Down.

So what if I told you that there was a way for you to start not just a single location wireless business, but a Nationwide wireless business and you didn’t have to carry any inventory. And how about if you not only didn’t have to carry inventory, but you didn’t have to deal with employees, customer service issues, tech support issues, returns or any of those headaches. You don’t even have to pay thousands of dollars a month in overhead to run the business. You would have someone that took care of all those issues for you & for your business.  You would have millions of dollars of inventory carried for you available to all of your customers, orders would be taken & shipped for you to your customers, all billing & support taken care of for you.  On top of that, you would be able to have a sales army of people that stretched clear across the country that were gathering customers for you & also increasing the size of your sales army…all without any of the headaches associated with having employees. You would also have an automated marketing system, a customer management system, and marketing materials design team doing all your marketing material designs for you. Thanks in addition to your web design team that builds & maintains & hosts all your websites for you, including your online webstore, on which your customers can shop through your inventory. Sounding a little hard to believe yet?  Wait, it get’s crazier!  Picture this…you could offer your service on arguably the most powerful nationwide network in the country, were able to give away Free Unlimited Everything Service, were able to offer your customers the ability to have that free service for the rest of their life, and you get paid each week that you get new customers plus get paid residuals every single month for the life of your customers…whether they are getting free service or paying their bill each month.  On top of all that, how would you like to have all that for less than $300 in start up cost with overhead of less than $50 a month!?  Sound impossible? Well, it’s not,(what…u thought FreeWirelessMan was just a catchy name?) it’s more like a very little known secret, and I’ve decided to share it with you.

If all that sounds interesting to you, I’ll share some more info about it with you.  In fact, let me introduce you to my business partner & good friend Ben Sturtevant.  I’ll let Ben tell you some more about it. If you like what you hear, let me know. (at which time I will say “See…I told you I wasn’t crazy, I told you it was possible!)  You can Click Here or go to to check it out.

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