Internet Prophets LIVE

Internet Prophets LIVE


The time for you to dominate your niche, build your online presence, and generate massive, passive income is NOW!

Join Us To Create Your Future.

Forget almost everything you know about Internet & Mobile marketing. The game has changed and there is a NEW set of rules. The OLD way of conducting business online no longer applies. If you’re employing tactics from 2011, you’re in for significant erosion in market share and a rude awakening.

Don’t become a statistic.

Today’s Internet & Mobile marketing experts ARE the 1%. They’re killing it every day and raking in 99% of every dollar spent online.

While so many struggle to land 50 opt-ins and $100 in sales per day, the new generation experts are spending 12 weeks on vacation, raking in millions of dollars annually, and are doing so with less staff than it takes to fill highway potholes.

Take Armand Morin for instance. Many of you may know who he is. The majority of the world, however, does not and Armand is perfectly fine with that. He’s quietly flying under the radar, employing cutting-edge, proven strategies that rake in MILLIONS of dollars annually. To be exact, his company has generated over $85,000,000 in sales.

Fortunately for you, Armand and more than 25 other leading Internet & Mobile marketing experts will be taking the stage at Internet Prophets LIVE! in Chicago, June 8-10 and have agreed to reveal seldom-taught strategies, tactics, and tools they leverage to build their multimillion-dollar empires.

If you feel like you’re doing everything you can to make money online but just keep hitting the wall, it’s not your fault and you’re certainly not alone. Fact is, the large majority of websites never make more than a few dimes.

This is not due to a lack of effort. It’s due solely to ONE thing—not having the knowledge you need to create your ideal lifestyle.

We’ll show you exactly how to build your business June 8-10, 2012 in Chicago.

You’ll join Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Dan Hollings, Marc Ostrofsky, Leslie Rohde, Janet Bray Attwood, Jennifer Sheahan and MANY others for 3 full days of powerful, income-generating content and THOUSANDS of game-changing ideas you can IMMEDIATELY apply to propel your business forward.

IMPORTANT: This will not be a non-stop PITCH-FEST!! At Internet Prophets LIVE!, each expert has agreed to focus on content, pull back the curtains, and show you exactly what YOU MUST DO NOW to massively increase your online presence and IGNITE your profits.


In three content laden days, you’ll learn specific, proven how-to tactics for:

  • Generating a tidal wave of site traffic and online sales.
  • Establishing powerful joint ventures and alliances so others can promote your products and services.
  • Leveraging the next big wave…MOBILE.
  • Creating and monetizing APPS.
  • Cultivating community and securing user-generated content.
  • Building a powerful business culture that fosters positive employee morale and an idea-churning environment.
  • Constructing, selling, and profiting from continuity programs.
  • Using webinars, teleseminars, workshops, and retreats to reel in huge cash flow.
  • Massively increasing conversion rates.
  • Implementing tomorrow’s best practices for website design, sales letters, and email campaigns.
  • Mastering Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and the power of other social media.
  • And, much more!


Plus: More than 50 leading-edge exhibitors from SEO strategists and Mobile Marketing Experts to Payment Processors and Software Developers will be on hand to answer YOUR questions and help make YOUR ideas a reality.

You can reserve your seat at Internet Prophets LIVE! by Clicking Here Now!

Creating a formidable business that generates significant cash flow is absolutely possible. You simply need the right teachers to show exactly what to do. At Internet Prophets LIVE! you’ll leave fired up, clear on exactly how to move forward, and can begin on MONDAY to achieve your desired objectives.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!

(100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You have nothing to lose. If, by lunch on Saturday, you aren’t convinced that Internet Prophets LIVE! has more than exceeded your expectations, simply see one of their Customer Service Representatives and they’ll provide a full refund.)

Join us in Chicago. Your financial future awaits!

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