Perpetual Fundraiser

How Much Are You Paying For Cell Phone Service?

"If you are paying more than $0 on your wireless bill, you're paying too much!"

Once again I have a topic for you that you may not be all that familiar with or even know exists, and that’s Perpetual Fundraisers. Now normally, groups or organizations choose something they are gonna sell, put together some marketing materials, tell all their members to spread the word and then they commence to having a sale-a-thon.  Afterward, the good news is that they have (hopefully)raised some much needed additional funds, the bad news is that those funds are gonna run out and they will have to do it all over again.

In this current economy it’s a fact that people aren’t giving as much as they have in the past and aren’t buying as much at those kind of events. This in turn has caused many churches, organizations, for profit & non profits to be hurting and in need of additional funds.  It’s not that people don’t want to give to these groups or organizations, there is just a lot of uncertainty out there right now for a lot of people and if someone has to choose between paying their bills or giving money to the group or organization, of course they are gonna cover their bills first.

We’ve taken the needs of both sides of this equation and came up with a solution that solves both issues.  We’ve put together a system that allows the organization to have a Perpetual Fundraiser and that also allows the members of that organization to be able to contribute to the organization without having to spend extra money out of pocket.  This system is setup for free to the organization and will generate reoccurring & increasing funds to the organization. Once the system is set up for the group or organization, they are now able to benefit from all of it’s members that have cell phone service.  Those members simply shift their spending by porting(transferring) their  existing service from their current wireless provider, to the wireless provider that’s now represented by the group or organization.  This not only allows the members to Save Money on their cell phone bills & even get their service for free in some cases, but it also will now benefit the group or organization every time the members pay their monthly bill. To give an example, let’s say they have a thousand members to start, that switch their service over to support the group or organization. They could then receive approximately $6,000 a month…each and every month…all with the members just paying a bill that they were paying anyway.  Can you say Awesome For All!

If you know a group or organization, or are part of a group or organization that could benefit from a Perpetual Fundraiser, go to and click on the Contact button. There you will find the information to call or email a Representative that can assist you and your group or organization.
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