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Lightyear Wireless Is Now Temp Wireless




Today in Las Vegas Nevada Lightyear Wireless is announcing that it is now officially Tempo Wireless!  Tempo’s parent company, Birch Communications, purchased Lightyear Network Solutions back in 2013. This purchase brought Lightyear Wireless & it’s sales force under the Birch umbrella.  Twelve months later the decision was made to unify the wireless division, combining the Lightyear sales force & products with the Tempo customer service & products.  This unification is being launched as Tempo Wireless.

Tempo Wireless is the only wireless company that allows it’s Customers to earn Free, Truly Unlimited cell phone service by simply referring three other Customers that are on the same plan or higher. Tempo Wireless also offers Lifeline Service, that provides a free phone & free service that includes a monthly bucket of talk, text & data to anyone who receives certain types of government assistance or are below certain income levels. Tempo Wireless currently uses three of the top four networks in the country.  There has been talk that they will have all four of the networks sometime in 2015. Their GSM & CDMA coverage maps as well as phones & plans can be found at www.TrulyUnlimitedPlans.com

Another thing that sets Tempo Wireless apart is the fact that you won’t see them advertising on  television as you see with the other wireless companies. The reason is because Tempo Wireless has chosen to use the Network Marketing  distribution method to market it’s products & services.  This approach makes Tempo Wireless the ideal wireless company for  anyone who wants to have truly unlimited 4G LTE cell phone service, get it free for life and get paid weekly bonuses & monthly residuals for showing other people how to do the same thing.

As you can imagine, Temp Wireless is taking the Wireless Industry AND the Network Marketing Industry by storm with their product & service offerings. You can find out more about the company & why you may want to switch your service to Tempo Wireless by going to www.WhyTW.com

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