Tempo Wireless Live

Tempo Wireless Live

Do you Love your wireless company? More than likely your answer is “No”.  However, there are tens of thousands of people across America that happily answer “Yes!” to that same question.

Why do these people Love their wireless company? Its because their wireless company of choice, Tempo Wireless, not only gives them free unlimited cell phone service. but also pays them for referring other customers.

Tempo Wireless (formerly Lightyear Wireless) was the first and currently the only wireless company that allows its Customers to earn free unlimited cell phone service for life by simply referring three other Customers that get & keep the same service level plan or higher as the referring Customer.  Tempo Wireless also has an option for those that want to do more than earn free cell phone service, they also allow individuals & businesses to partner with the company in a manner that is somewhat unique to the Wireless Industry. This somewhat unique approach for the the wireless industry allows those that team up with the company to not only earn referral bonuses for each customer that is referred, but also allows the earning of passive residual income from those same customers and all the customers that those customers refer.

Another aspect that makes Tempo Wireless unique in the industry is the fact that they do not charge the usual wireless industry franchise fees that you usually see ranging from $80,000 – $200,000.  Instead, they have adopted a model that pretty much eliminates the barrier of entry into this $200 Billion U.S. industry for individuals, businesses & organizations by allowing them to get into the industry & start generating income for only $50…and in some cases even for free.

To find out more about Tempo Wireless, it’s parent company Birch Communications , and everything that this Love worthy wireless company has to offer, you can register for a live webinar or watch one of their recorded webinars at www.WhyTW.com. You can also take a look at Tempo Wireless’s plans & pricing here.


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