Truly Unlimited Family Plans

Truly Unlimited Family Plans

As Sprint makes fun of it’s two big competitors Verizon and AT&T, it brings to the light the reality that the two biggest carriers in the country are trying to squeeze every extra hard earned dollar that you make, out of your pocket & bank account. As we use more & more data and become heavily dependent on our smartphones for everyday life, entertainment and business, they are figuring out ways to give you less and charge you more.

Fortunately there are alternatives like Lightyear Wireless that give you the same Nationwide Coverage that you are used to, but instead of limiting your data usage with throttling & data caps, Lightyear Wireless gives you Truly Unlimited Talk, Text & Data with upto 500 minutes of Free International calling all for only $59. That’s with No Throttling, No Data Caps & No Contracts.

If that wasn’t enough, Lightyear Wireless also offers Family Plans with up to five lines. Truly Unlimited service is available for all lines 2-5 for only $49. There are also plans available as low as $20.  That’s not a misprint, that’s $260 for five lines of Truly Unlimited Service.

All that unlimited data and calling on the best networks all for an amazing price. What more could you ask for?  Free Service you say?  Well, something very unique about Lightyear Wireless, they actually allow their Customers to get all of that for Free.  They set up a program that they call “You+5=Free”.  With this Customer Reward Program they allow their Customers to earn Free Unlimited Service by referring five other customers that have the same service plan.  The Customer simply refers their friend or family member to the company’s website where the referring Customer enters their phone number, then the new Customer places their order. The new Customer is then credited as a referral to the Customer that referred them.  Once they have done that at least five times, their service will be Free for life as long as they and at least five referred Customers keep their service with Lightyear Wireless.

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